Single Craft Subscription

First payment: 05/12/2023

$25.00 now, and $25.00 on the 5th of each month for 12 months


This subscription will give your child a fun and exciting craft to do every month. We have chosen our most loved craft kits and put them into an easy 12 month subscription option.

This makes a fantastic gift for grandchildren or your own child and encourages them to use their thinking and creativity.

The crafts as part of this subscription are:

  • Tent Nightlight
  • Aquarium Jar
  • Windchime
  • Kowhai Treehouse
  • Paddle Boat
  • Dash the Dog
  • Garden Box
  • Viking Longboat
  • Marble Maze
  • Bee Bath
  • Sandcastle
  • Erupting Volcano
  • Each month your child will receive the craft kit, which includes step by step photo instructions, a video tutorial as well as a sticker sheet and activity sheet.


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