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Kaitiaka Kea

We love creating the ability for kids to let their imagination grow and allow them the freedom to create anything they can dream of! 

Our kids are our future and by allowing their imaginations to engage in thinking we in turn allow them to become great caretakers of the future. 

We love to take the opportunity to teach them about our beautiful planet and how to take small steps to take care of it!

Our Kaitiaka Kea Mascot features throughout our crafts always looking for the way to make things sustainable or to reduce reuse and recycle! 

Eco Stuffing

We were so happy to start using Eco Stuffing as part of our soft toy craft range. 

Eco fill is made here in New Zealand from upcycled clothing and is shredded and washed to create stuffing! 

We love this intiative and we puchase over 10kg of it every month! 

It goes into our Moreporks, Snoop Dogs, Snakes and no doubt we will be finding many other uses for it! 

The Make Company Logo
The Make Company Logo


These biodegradable containers are just awesome for our sensory play kits. 

Although made for food they actually fit our play trays so perfectly! 

Our playdough containers are recycleble and the wooden blocks are made from unwanted off cuts! 

All around that we are teaching kids about Bees and how they help our food industry and planet! 

These containers are so degradable we have to store them in the dark so they don’t start their decomposing too early! 


At the Make company we are always looking for ways to get creative with our packaging! 

Our boxes can be recyled but we like to take it one step further by creating the intiative for kids to reuse their box first! 

Hidden on each corner of the box are games and along the inside are templates to use in crafting. 

The Make Company Logo
The Make Company Logo


Your items are shipped in compostable bags! 

We love our bags for R3 pack, made from recyled plastic and recyclable in soft plastics or compost. 

Plus all the pretty colours just make us excited! 

We are always on a journey to keep being sustainable, we take all our soft plastics to the recyling depot, we love making sure our cardboard all gets reused or is taken to the Eco dump and we continue to inspire our tamariki to get creative with looking after our land! 

If you have any further questions please reach out to us! 

Kirsty & The Make Co Team