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Craft Kits for Kiwi Kids

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Subscriptions start from $25 a month

How it Works

Step 1.


Craft Boxes are suitable for ages 4-12yr & beyond. Each subscription runs for 12 months, but you can cancel anytime

Choose between: Single Craft, Multi Craft and Sibling Boxes

Step 2.


Subscription boxes arrive every month, and are addressed to your child so make sure to add their name during checkout

Step 3.


Kids create, make & discover either independently or whilst spending some quality time with a caregiver. Our STEAM challenges help get kids to think for themselves and sparking curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Step 4.


You will pay for your first order immediately then on the 5th of each month after that. Your box that you pay for on the 5th will arrive before the end of that month

Subscriptions start from $25/month

What’s included?

Our deluxe multi craft themed box includes the following


Three themed Crafts are included in each box. These range in various skill levels from quite easy to slightly more complicated and help children to learn a wide range of skills while completing them. Each craft also follows one of our mascots to help kids think outside the box! 



A themed activity booklet is included. These are bonus activities that complement the box theme, and are created to extend the child’s thinking and have additional fun with their crafts. These are optional activities and do sometimes require using recycled items from home

Jokes & Fun Facts are also included each month


Each craft activity has a detailed photo instruction sheet. The  instruction sheet includes the items you’ll need, the home essentials required, an extension challenge, and most importantly visual instructions, and a QR code link to a video tutorial as well as a Te Reo Māori word to spot in the instructions as you craft! 

Subscriptions start from $24/month

Sample Boxes

Wondering what type of boxes you can expect to see in your mailbox? Below are just some of the subscription boxes on our yearly schedule. These ones are also sold separately.