Multi Craft Subscription

First payment: 05/01/2024

$40.00 now, and $40.00 on the 5th of each month for 12 months


Our premium subscription plan, these boxes are filled multiple themed craft activities and include a free gift, stickers and an activity booklet each month.

This makes a fantastic gift for grandchildren or your own child and encourages them to use their thinking and creativity.

The crafts as part of this subscription are:

  • Under the Sea Box (Aquarium jar, glow in the dark jellyfish and Wooden Magnetic Fishing rod game)
  • Games Box (Marble Maze, Connect Four and Mancala)
  • Enchanted Box (Magical Creature Door, Bubble wands and clay snails
  • Viking Box ( Viking Boat, Viking Beard and Dragons)
  • Rainbow Box ( Rainbow Garland, Rainbow Slime and Suncatcher)
  • African Box ( Giraffe Propagation Plant stand, African Canvas and Plush Lion)
  • Dino Box ( Erupting Volcano, Clay Fossils and Ombre Dinosaurs)
  • Pet Box ( Plush Dog, Cat Mask and Wrist Pet)
  • Garden Box ( Windchime, Garden Planter Box and Garden Signs)
  • Space Box (Space Ship Shelf, Wooly Aliens and glow in the dark slime)
  • Kiwi Box ( Fluffy Kiwi ,  Poi and Whare house)
  • Camp out Box (Tent Nightlight, Mushroom Clay Charms, Pom pom Hedgehogs)

1 review for Multi Craft Subscription

  1. Emily Grace

    My daughter loves receiving her box each month! The crafts are interesting and challenging and not like anything she would think to do herself at home. All the materials are included, which is great, and the videos are really helpful. She’s always proud when she finishes a craft and finds somewhere to display it.

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