Make a Tiny Toadstool House!

Date: 21 Sep, 2023

Make this cute toadstool house and imagine a fairy coming to live in it!

We’re imagining all things enchanted with this craft. It’s best suited for children who are capable with scissors, as some pieces are a little fiddlier to cut out. If you want this craft to take a little longer, print the black-and-white version out and get creative with some felt pens – the kids will love designing their own house.

You will need:


  1. Print the sheet onto white card. You’ll need to select ‘actual size’ in the print settings, to be sure that it will print at the correct size. The first page is colour, and the second page is black-and-white – so you can choose whether you want to just make the toadstool, or if you would like to colour it in as well.
print settings for toadstool printable
  1. Colour the toadstool in if you’ve chosen to, and then cut everything out. Some of the pieces are quite small, so cut carefully!
  1. Tape the toadstool stalk piece into a cone shape, placing the double-sided tape as shown.
  2. Tape the toadstool top together, using the writing as a guide.
  1. Cut little slits in the top of the grass piece to make it look like real grass.
  2. Wrap the grass piece around the bottom of the stalk piece and tape it in place.
  1. Choose which windows and doors you want to use, and stick them to your toadstool.
  2. Stick the toadstool top onto the stalk. You might like to use a dab of glue here to hold it in place.

We’ve had fun hiding little fairy toys under our toadstool – my daughter loves anything tiny, and this has been a big hit with her!

This toadstool is a great way of keeping kids occupied in the school holidays; kids love to make things and it’s so good for their fine motor skills, as well.