Roll and Grow Flower Game!

Date: 7 Sep, 2023

This free printable Roll and Grow Flower Game is easy to set up and only needs a few things – but it’ll keep you busy for a while!

Picture of Flower Game

You will need:


  1. Print the game out; one copy per person who will be playing.
  2. Cut the pieces out. It might be a little tricky cutting the faces out of the centres of the flowers, so take your time!
  3. Give each player a set of flower pieces.
  4. Players take turns rolling the dice. Each player must roll a 1 first, to get their flower pot.
  5. Then, each player will need to roll a 2, to get the stalk.
  6. Next, roll a 3 to get the leaves.
  7. Roll a 4 to get the first flower.
  8. Roll a 5 to get the second flower.
  9. Finally, roll a 6 to get the two flower faces.

As you roll the correct number, you gradually build up your cute flowers in their pot. How many rolls of the dice does it take to get the right number?

The flower game is perfect for teaching about probability – how likely are you to roll a 1 first try? Is there a trick to rolling the number you need, or is it chance?

This flower game is also perfect for a rainy Spring day, or those “I’m bored!” moments in the holidays.

If you can’t print the file, you could get each player to draw their flower as they roll the correct number on the dice – this game is easy to adapt to whatever you have on hand.

We hope you enjoy playing the Roll and Grow Flower game – take a look at our flower-themed crafts to keep the fun rolling!