Treasure Hunters Box



About this box?
  • Age Range: This box is suitable for ages 4 years – 12 years and beyond
What’s included?

In this box your child will explore the fun of Treasure Hunters!  This box includes the following items to make as well as a cut out and play treasure hunt activity and STEAM origami boat challenge!

  • Treasure Box & Air dry clay doubloons – learn about primary colours & mixing them to create new colours
  • Pet Parrot
  • Take and play mermaid & pirate set
  • Free Compass
  • Pirate sticker set

Our boxes have been thought through , prepared by teachers –  they are not just fun but educational. Each box has a beautiful 12 page booklet filled with experiments, free paper crafts and help your child to learn about recycling, exploring ,science and caring for others.

  • 3 crafts
  • How to videos & photo instructions for each craft
  • Access to our fox & friends online club
  • Bonus themed stickers & gift
Subscription Information

This is a one off (single) box, which is not linked to any subscription agreement. 

Thank you for choosing a New Zealand company for your kids crafting! Throughout our activity book you will meet our 4 New Zealand mascots, Kaitiaki Kea, Mindful Morepork, Tuakana Tuatara and Scientific Seal. We love to incorporate Te Reo Maori and our experiments and crafts are made with New Zealand landscapes, things unique to our home in mind.


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