Matariki Stars

Date: 17 Jun, 2023

Use our free downloadable printable to make fun paper 3d stars!

Supplies needed


  1. Print out the free printable and gather some supplies to decorate!
  2. Start by colouring in the patterns
  3. Cut out your page
  4. Cut it into two squares
  5. Fold each square into a triangle
  6. Then fold it the other way
  7. Cut along the four solid lines
  8. Open it up and fold to create the star tips
  9. Add some glue to the one side of each tip
  10. Fold over to create the start tip
  11. Add some glue along the base (or use double sided tape)

Finally glue your shapes together to make your 3d Matariki star!

Ka Pai! Show us your Matariki star crafts!

Allow to dry completely before using as decorations!