Let’s make a fairy garden!

Date: 4 Apr, 2024
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Make your very own fairy garden so the fairies can come and play! This is an excellent idea for an activity for a birthday party, or just a lovely opportunity to get hands-on and let your creativity thrive! Perfect for ages 4 and up.

Wood Fairy Door DIY Craft

This is a super cute, easy craft to complete, and best of all, you can personalise it however you like. Add gems, coloured rocks, fairy decor and furniture, little toy animals and insects – get creative!

This is a great activity when you are entertaining a few children, they will have hours of fun building and decorating their fairy garden!

You will need:


  1. First decorate your door! You can do this with pens or paints. Wait until it’s dry, then decorate with some gems, stickers or whatever else you like!
  2. Take around 250g of play doh, and push it into your paper plate or bowl. It should be at least 3cm thick. Here’s a fun idea – add some glitter into the play doh for a sparkly effect!
  3. Now the fun bit – decorating! Start by pushing your door into the play doh. Now, add the fence, the fairy signs, and you might like to make a fairy path out of gravel and coloured stones. You could make a lamp post with paper straws and pom poms, and add some plastic flowers too, as well as mini plastic mushrooms. You might even like to use some toys.
  4. The clay will take about 24 hours to dry. In the meantime, you can keep decorating!

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