Let’s make a quirky cat! (free printable)

Date: 1 Aug, 2023
Categories: Animals | Free Printables

Today, we’re going to create fun cat puppets and then enjoy making up stories with them!

Can you put on a performance for your family or friends?

You will need:


  1. Print the cat template out – you could print it onto coloured card or paper, or print it on white paper and colour it in.
  2. Cut the cat out.
  3. Using a glue dot (or craft glue or double-sided tape), stick the cat to the top of a mini popsicle stick.
  1. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the popsicle stick, under the cat. Leave a bit of pipe cleaner to make a curly tail.
  1. Draw a line on the stick to make legs, and add paws if you like!
  1. Your cat is done! Make more cats, and then use them to make up a story or a play.

This video will show you how to make your own quirky cat – have fun making up stories!