Game time – Draw a Garden!

Date: 31 Aug, 2023
Girls drawing a garden together

Now that Winter’s over and Spring is in the air, we’re enjoying playing this free printable game. You don’t need much to do it, so it’s perfect for a rainy Spring day! Kids will love drawing their own gardens with a friend or two.

You will need:


Start by printing out the game cards and cutting them out. Put them face down on the table and shuffle them thoroughly.

Take turns choosing a card from the pile. You get to draw a picture of the item that you choose! As you take turns, you’ll build up a picture of a garden.

If you get the same item twice, draw it twice! This could mean that your garden is full of flowers, or bugs, or even washing drying on a line! It’s random, which is all part of the fun.

The Wild Card means that you can draw any item you choose. Go wild with this one!

Keep choosing cards and drawing items until you have a whole garden. You can make this game go on for as long as you like – your garden can be as full or as empty as you want it to be. You can see here that the garden we made is quite a busy place!

Garden game complete

We love this game because it’s easy to set up, doesn’t need many supplies, doesn’t make a mess, and it keeps kids busy. Win, win, win!

So, put your feet up with a nice cuppa while the kids have fun making a garden. Or, join in with the fun and create a random garden of your own.

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