Build a Love Bug Dice Game!

Date: 2 Feb, 2024

This free printable is a super fun game that’s perfect to play with friends this Valentine’s Day!

Lady Bug Roll The Dice Game Free Printable

This is a super cute, easy craft to complete.

Valentines Day is a nice excuse to let the people we care about know that we appreciate them – and quite often the best way to do that is a small gift, a heartfelt message or just spending time together!

You will need:

Lady Bug Roll The Dice Game Free Printable


  1. Print the sheet onto card. You’ll need to select ‘actual size’ in the print settings, to be sure that it will print at the correct size.
  1. To play with friends – print out several copies and cut out Bug pieces ahead of time.
  2. Each player has a set of Love Bug pieces. Players take turns rolling the dice.
  3. Each player must roll a 1 first to start building their Bug’s body. Then the player must roll a 2, then place the part of the Bug pictured next to number 2 on the printable.
  4. Continue until your Love Bug is fully assembled!
  5. As you roll the correct number, you gradually build up your cute flowers in their pot. How many rolls of the dice does it take to get the right number?

The Love Bug game is perfect for teaching about probability – how likely are you to roll a 1 first try? Is there a trick to rolling the number you need, or is it chance?

This game is also perfect for a rainy day, or those “I’m bored!” moments in the holidays.

If you can’t print the file, you could get each player to draw their lady bug as they roll the correct number on the dice – this game is easy to adapt to whatever you have on hand.

Check out our cute Love Bug craft as well – they’re perfect for a group of children to create! Or, if you really like bugs, our Bug Box is heaps of fun. There’s a bristle bot, light-up bug, and lots more to create!

We’d love to see what you’ve made!