ANZAC Spinning Poppies

Date: 19 Apr, 2024

This ANZAC Day, make some spinning poppies to commemorate the day.

You will need:


  1. First, print out our Free Printable onto red paper. If you don’t have red paper, print it out on white paper and colour in with a red felt tip pen.
  2. Cut out the three poppies. Cut on the solid lines only.
  3. Now, using the dotted lines as a guide, fold back and forth like a concertina, so your two poppy petals meet in the middle

4. Colour in the centre of the poppy black.

5. Fold up the bottom. You can use a paper clip to give it more weight.

6. Drop your poppy and watch it twist as it falls!

If your poppy is not spinning, try adding another paper clip to the bottom, or printing out on a lighter-weight of paper. Or you could try dropping it from a higher height!