Flower Box Bulk



This amazing craft allows kids to explore the fun of gardening and start growing their own seedlings as well as create a mini flower box that can be used again and again. The wood can easily be painted or use felt tips to add colour. We can also add your logo on.

These kits are bulk packed into your specified quantities for your event and you can choose to include standard items you may have at your venue already like paintbrushes, paint and glue in order to keep the costs down.

Choosing a Make Company craft kit will ensure children leave your programme with a quality craft product that they have had fun creating , are proud of and for your staff is easy to put together with no wastage.

Full Kit includes

  • Wooden garden box pieces including 3 tall flowers
  • 3 bio 100% paper cups & seed starters
  • 3 seeds
  • Embellishments – pom poms, ladybugs, bees and wood flowers
  • Seed info & watering card
  • Paint & brush
  • Mini hammers 2 per 10 kits

*Please note Garden Box Only option does not include flowers, only the base garden box


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