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About Us

The Make Company started 10 years ago out of a creative spirit and a longing to share that with the community. Today we love inspiring children with creativity and fun by giving them the practical tools that allow them to take their imaginations and skills to new levels of fun!


The Make Company is looking for a creative product developer who enjoys thinking outside the box and can create practical, educational, and imaginative crafts and resources for children.

You are passionate about kids, creativity and childhood development, an independent go getter and problem solver. You take a hands on approach to getting things done and are able to manage your time and multitask. You have an excitable spirit about you when it comes to getting creative and working in this environment will make you thrive.

The following experience, studies and background knowledge is not an essential but can give direction into the type of candidate we are looking at for this roll

Education, textiles, art, working with children, graphic design, photography and editorial work


Idea creation and research for products

You are full of positive energy and excitement to try new things or ways of creating something. You thrive in the environment of creative resources and love the thought of passing on your infectious excitement to the children who will get to make it. Your ideas are generated from physical resource as well as research and creative thinking to meet a brief

Prototyping new products

You love making! Each of our products need to be tested, adjusted, videoed, photo documented. This is a practical hands on part of the job that you love and have an inner passion to ensure that children get the full benefit from creating. You are able to “think like a child” when creating, to foresee any elements that may need adapting before they successfully pass the test!

Storytelling and creating added benefit content for products

You love pretending to be 8 again! Your imagination can easily get excited while you are making your prototype to envisage all kinds of creative play situations. You are able to storytell easily in order to created added content for products to ignite our little customers own imaginations and creativity.

Material sourcing

Finding local & international resources for product ideas at the right price can be a hurdle for a creative business. You will work closely with the Director of design and operations to work with what we can get to create the best outcomes!

Administrative ownership of product documentation and product information

Storing all your creative ideas, instructions and product information needs to be of utmost priority and having organisational skills around this is key. Quick retrieval and search functionality make creativity far more fun in the long run.

If this or parts of this sound like you then please apply today! This is a part time position that is able to work around your timetable and availability


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