Creative Office Administrator


About Us

The Make Company started 10 years ago out of a creative spirit and a longing to share that with the community. Today we love inspiring children with creativity and fun by giving them the practical tools that allow them to take their imaginations and skills to new levels of fun!


The Make Company is looking for a creative office administrator to come alongside our director to add a new level of organisation and assist with day to day operations.

You are passionate about creativity, kids and childhood development. You are highly organised, have an eye for detail and are able to find solutions quickly as well as always willing to try something new.   You are independent go getter and problem solver. You take a hands on approach to getting things done and are able to manage your time and multitask.

Previous experiance in stock management, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Woocommerce, customer relation management will be to your advantage


Organisation &Administration

Having a brand new office enviroment this role will entail helping to set up an enviroment that is functional for all operations as well as ensuring there is a good workflow. Being able to visualize ahead is key to this process

Assisting the director with administation tasks such as temporary staff contracts, police checks, stock ordering, printing & emails and other ad hoc administration. Being able to stay one step ahead and think outside the box will be vital to this task as our director will certainly keep you on your toes!

Stock Management

We are implenmenting a new stock management system and your responsibiltiy will be to ensure that items are updated as used, new stock orders are created, stock received is checked and entered and stock items are updated on Trade Me and the website. Working with detail is an essential to this area and should not fluster but rather excite you to know that is is under control. Attention to detail and an inqisitive mind is very helpful in this regard to be able to easily probelm solve in this area.

Stock Packing

Many items at The Make Company are repacked to suit our operations, it will be your responsibility to manage this process of stock managemnet , time checking and assigning pay value to items as well as managing the pick up and drop off of items once they are repacked by our students. You should be a friendly face for students/parents to interact with during this process.

Order Processing & Packing

Whilst we generally engage help to pack & process larger orders, your help will always be needed on an ad hoc basis with this task, having an eye for detail is essential in this regard

Online Database

This role will involve managment and tidying up the online database of crafts, videos & administration items to a sytem that works for all our employees. You should have knowledge of how cloud systments work , such as google drive and enjoy the idea of cleaning this area to remove duplicates and create a pathway that is easy for everyone to work in.

Customer relations

We love to keep our customers happy and you should be a customer focused person, always willing to please and make our customers journey an wonderful experiance.


Hours and Place of Work 

Our new office is on Blenheim road, intial hours are 10 -12 hours per week and tasks above will be prioritised to fit withing this time scale with a look to increase to 15 – 20 over time.

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